41 Arrested Development Gifs To Get You Excited For the Release of Season 4

It’s finally here. The release of Arrested Development season 4 on Netflix is upon us. So here’s 41 great Arrested Development gifs to help you get through the next 3 days. Most of the gifs are from the great Arrested Development Gifs tumblr and a few from The3DeathlyHallows tumblr. Go and follow them for more great Arrested Development gifs.


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What I've been like since it was announced that Arrested Development is coming back.

Welcome To George Costanza Week

We’re making this week a celebration of everyone’s favorite curmudgeon, George Costanza. So sit back and enjoy George Costanza gifs all week.


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Baseball is Back! Some Gifs for Opening Day

Here are some gifs to celebrate the return of baseball. Buck is pumped.


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Buck gets denied a high five, but is still pumped.

21 Reaction Gifs To Celebrate The Return Of Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones comes back this Sunday, March 31. Here’s 21 gifs to celebrate.


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Tyrion approves of this post.

16 Gifs To Sum Up the First Weekend of the NCAA Tournament

The first weekend of the NCAA tourney are in the books, and if you had FGCU making the Sweet 16 you must be some kind of sorcerer or Sherwood Brown. Dude has swag.

Florida Gulf Coast Chicken Dance Gif

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Between air fisting and chicken dancing this Florida Gulf Coast University headband donning guy was pretty giffable.
Source: SBNation.com

10 Gifs from Last Night at the Oscars

The Oscars were last night. So today is filled with people bitching about Seth MacFarlane, dresses people wore, that guy in a kilt, blaring Jaws music over a guy trying to get a word in about his bankrupt company that just won an Oscar, more bitching about Seth MacFarlane and gifs. We don’t provide much discourse on the first 5 there so here’s 10 gifs we’ve put together from the Oscars. Excluding the one where Marky Mark reassured us that there was a tie, “No BS.” (Because I haven’t found it yet.)


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The point where Jack Nicholson realized he wasn't at a Lakers game.